Authors are invited to start by submitting their abstracts (02 pages) or full papers in English before 15 February 2019. Final version should be submitted before 15 March 2019

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All Registered and presented papers will be published in indexed Numeric proceedings "Proceedings of Management Engineering" Then papers will be extended and published in several journals:

1- International Journal of Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Technology (ISSN: 1947-9603)

2- International Journal of Information Technology and Management (ISSN: 1741-5179)

3- Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics (ISSN: 2345-4695)

4- International Journal of Economics & Strategic Management of Business Process (ISSN: 1737-9288)

5- International Journal of Business & Economic Strategy (ISSN: 1737-9237)

6- Revue Internationale des Affaires et des Stratégies Economique (ISSN: 1737-9288)

7- Revue Internationale d'Economie et de Gestion Stratégique des Processus d'Affaires (ISSN: 1737-9237)


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