Workshop on Public Speaking (TED Standard) with Mr. Yoshinori Moriwaki& Mrs. Hiroko Kawamorita

30 March 2019 14h00-17h00












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Hiroko Kawamorita



Prof. Hiroko Kawamorita (Japan/Turkey) is a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at OndokuzMayis University. Her research interests include Entrepreneurship Development, Entrepreneurial University, HE systems and Social Entrepreneurship. She is also an Entrepreneurship Development / Institutional Credit Mobility Coordinator at the International Relation’s Office, responsible for creating and implementing institutional projects. In addition, she has been working on national and international applied research projects in the field of Entrepreneurship Education and Social Entrepreneurship. She has studied and worked in different countries for over 20 years including UK, Italy, Iran, Jordan, Turkey and Maldives. She is also a consultant, providing expert advice on internationalization strategy at the International Centre for Innovation& Development(ICID).


Editor in chief of the International Journal of Economics & Strategic Management of Business Process
Editorial Board Member - Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics 


Projects granted and orgaisedbetween 2014-2018:

  • The Fulbright Specialist Programme - receiving institutional coordinator 2016 - Introduction and development of action plan for future collaboration between Turkey and U.S.A  in the area of 'Innovation Management'
  • TUBITAK / DOKAP: Lecturer for Entreprenurship
  • BAP Summer School (Summer Internship Programme for Medical Students)
  • BAP English in Malta (Intensive English Programme and inhouse training for OMU students and staff)
  • BAP Individual Research Grant (Cultivation and Entrepreneurial Mindset and Promoting Entrepreneurial friendly environment at OMU)
  • BAP Workshop for Graduate Students (Credited course by Danish HEI - SPSS – Research Methodology Course using Global Entrepreneurial Monitor data)
  • BAP Workshop on Entrepreneurial University

Institutional Projects: Erasmus+ KA103 / KA105/ KA107/ Individual Mobility Obtained budgets for year 2018: 1.5 million Euro

Last three years Publications:

  • Salamzadeh, A., & Kawamorita, H. (2017). The enterprising communities and startup ecosystem in Iran. Journal of Enterprising Communities, 11(4), xx-xx, Forthcoming. 
  • Salamzadeh, A., Kawamorita, H., &Salamzadeh, Y. (2016). Entrepreneurial universities and branding: A conceptual model proposal. World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, Forthcoming. 
  • Kawamorita, H., Salamzadeh, A., &Demiryürek, K. (2016). Academic Entrepreneurship: Some Evidence from a Turkish University. International Conference on Entrepreneurship (ICE 2016), Tehran, Iran.  
  • RadovicMarkovic, M., Salamzadeh, A., & Kawamorita, H. (2016). Barriers to the Advancement of Women into Leadership Positions: A Cross National Study. International Scientific Conference on Leadership and Organization Development, Kiten, Bulgaria, 16-19 June, 287-294.
  • Salamzadeh, A., Farsi, J.Y., Motevaseli, M., RadovicMarkovic, M., & Kawamorita, H. (2015). Institutional Factors Affecting the Transformation of Entrepreneurial Universities. International Journal of Business and Globalisation, 14(3), 271-291. 
  • Salamzadeh, A., Kawamorita, H. (2015). Startup Companies: Lifecyle and Challenges. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Employment, Education and Entrepreneurship (EEE), Belgrade, Serbia, 2015.





03,11,1955 Born In Hokkaido, Japan.

Profession: Master Architect, Civil Engineer.
Istanbul Branch Director General, Japan Overseas Construction Companies Association of Turkey Branch General Serves as Secretary.


Completed Tasks:

  • In Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur at that time the world's tallest building, the Petronas Twin Towers
  • In Japan -  the world's engaged longest suspension bridge Akashi's construction HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION

Work Projects:
Starting with the Swiss Hotel Project in 1990 in Turkey, then YKK Zipper Factory (Saray), Honda Automobile Factory (Şekerpınar-Gebze), Toyota Factory (Adapazari), Akdeniz University Organ Transplant Hospital (Antalya), DM Radar Construction (Balikesir, Zonguldak, Catalca) and the Japanese served in almost all of the investments that have been made in Turkey in the automotive sector.

He conducted inspections in Marmaray and İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge Project on behalf of Japan Association of Overseas Construction Companies.

Other include Antalya, Isparta, Burdur Governorship, İzmir Karşıyaka, Merkez, Siirt, Istanbul Sisli, Tekirdag Süleymanpaşa Municipality of Tuzla, Gayrettepe, Suadiye Rotary clubs at several construction engineers and in some associations in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and in North Cyprus.

In addtion, he gave more than 200 earthquake seminars in schools in Adapazarı, İzmit, Siirt, Antalya, Bingöl, Karabük, Samsun, İsparta etc..



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