The 6th International Conference on Green Energy and Environmental Engineering (GEEE-2019) has many partners thanks to its rich international committees; we thank the International Centre of Innovation & Development (ICID), Carthage University, Kairouan University and Ondokuz Mayis University. Authors are invited to start by submitting their abstracts (02 pages) or full papers in English before 10 march 2019. Final version should be submitted before 15 April 2019. Papers in French will be considered in a special francophone Session.

Papers in French will be considered in a special francophone Session

Topics are related but not limited to:

Environmental Engineering

Renewable Energy

Biotechnology Application

• Agricultural Biotechnology regulations, rules...

• Biomass, Geothermal, Hydraulic

• Agricultural & Animal biotechnology

• Animal biotechnology

• Nuclear Energy

• Biomedical Computational drug discovery

• Biomedical Computational drug discovery

• Energy and heat transfer 

• Biocatalysis & nanobiotechnology

• Control and system engineering for food industry

• Fuel cell, biogas

• Biological and Medicinal Chemistry

• Environmental Biotechnology

• Hybrid renewable energy

• Environmental Biotechnology

• Ecological Engineering

• Materials, semiconductors

• Food Processing and Biological engineering

• Development and environment

• Photovoltaic & Solar energy

• Molecular and Cell Biology

• Development Planning and Policy

• Thermal Energy

• Sustainable and biobased polymer materials

• Environmental impact assessment

• Wind Energy

Chemical Engineering

• Solid waste management

• Algorithms, complexity and stability

• Advances in the synthesis of polymers

• Water treatment (methods, health, agricultural...)

Electrical Enigineering

• Crystallization & composite materials

Nuclear Energy

• Artificial Intelligence

• Catalysis and Chemical Reactions

• Nuclear Techniques

• High voltage DC transmission

• Enzyme and Fermentation

• Radiation protection

• Linear and nonlinear control

• Interfacial & colloidal phenomena

• Nuclear Security

• Power electronic & Power Systems

• Micro-hydro-dynamics: Theory and Applications

• Education and Training

• System identification and control

• Water treatment (methods, health,…)





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